Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hello kitty therapy

i've been kind of an emotional wreck lately.
i don't know if it's the new home, new environment, post-baby hormones or what, but
i just can't decide how to  divide my time. when i have SO much to do, i shut down and don't want to do anything. i crave watching reality TV and perusing blogs while drinking diet coke.
this is not good.

so at a moment of almost losing it, i gave in.
i gave into these adorable faces.
i plopped on the floor next to my three children and let them 
tattoo themselves to death all the while eating candy.
i didn't even limit their candy intake. 
it was bliss to see them so excited over something so small:

 paisley has been carrying around these hello kitty tattoos for some time now. along with her fake cell phone, a block she calls "dora," and her "buddy" (blanket)

 robot hello kitty

carter baby even got one on her edible chunk of a thigh

i love these moments.
forgetting about:
going to the gym
starting kelly's quilt
making valentine decos
preparing dinner
finding a doctor
register the car
 finding a preschool
cleaning my kitchen
meeting with nursing counselor
transferring medical records
and just enjoying silly moments with my precious rugrats.
remind me to do this more.

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