Wednesday, January 12, 2011

carter 3 months

my carter baby turned 3 months on the 5th
{the day after we moved into our new home}
she has been an angel this whole move. we have seriously been on the road for days and days
and staying at hotels and with family, and she has been quite the trooper.
her smiles come aplenty these days
and her chunkiness just keeps getting better!

 carter also got her ears pierced while we were in MO at the same place that paisley did.
i love that little feminine touch on my baby girls. she screamed for like 60 seconds, then was done after i fed her. seriously, it was so easy.
 happy 3 months my lovey!

oh, and can't forget a picture of my new shoes that the mister got me for christmas:
love them!

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The Owen Family said...

Those shoes are so cute, I need some cute flats BAD. Where did he get them?