Monday, March 28, 2011

happy sunday and a letter to my little miss

paisley bear is starting to be my only willing participant in our 
"happy sunday" photo series.
she is my mini me and i adore pretty much every move she makes.

her dress is too small and those tights just about kill me
whenever she chooses to wear them.
i, on the other hand am not going to a funeral, although it looks like it.

and now a short note to my dear, sweet, baby girl:

my paisy girl,
i've been watching you close lately. you are so delicate one minute, then growl at me another like a little gremlin. somehow, it's super endearing. i love your attention to detail, your overwhelming love for your little sister, and how much you worship your older brother. you have such a love for music, especially at church and preschool. i've been starting to worry about you being the middle child. i don't want you to feel forgotten or left behind the spotlight. sometimes your shyness or delicateness leaves you standing behind your brother, but you are your own ball of fire, girl! i love you so much and want you to know the potential i see in your future my paisley girl.

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