Friday, March 4, 2011

going ons

i don't know if it was having a newborn,
the holidays.
traveling for a month, 
moving across the country,
or setting up house here,
but i have been a horrible blogger.
i really think it was the third child that did me in.

here's a little catch up:

playing chutes and ladders for family night.

 carter rolled over for the first time. 

started a new furniture project.
i'm currently sanding down 4 dining chairs and
a china cabinet that i purchased on craigslist for $200.

i couldn't handle carter's hair anymore.
it was thinning, and balding, and stringy.
some people may call me a bad mom, but i don't care.
it had to go, so i shaved her head.
fo real.


 she's a pretty cute bald baby, eh?

oh and lastly, we are buying our first home!
ahhhhh! more on that when things are finalized.
so excited!


Molly Bea said...

I have heard that's how you make their hair grow in thick.let me know if it works! Reminds me of asher's...he went through that stage...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new home! That is so exciting!

Annette said...

Your very own home! Congratulations - can't wait to see the dining room furniture when it is finished!

Lei said...

Fun find! And fun news! Thanks for stopping by and giving your input... :)

Anne said...

love the bald baby! and congrats on the house. oh, and i'm pregnant! horray!