Sunday, March 20, 2011

her new do

what do you think of carter baby's new do?
she no longer looks like a cancer patient as her hair is growing in pretty evenly.
my poor baby girl has been sick.
no ear infection,
no temp,
just way congested and pretty miserable.

we still can't get a good read of who she is taking after.
i hear half and half that she looks like me/david.
the other two are easy; the girl looks like me and the boy like the mister.
who do you think she looks like?

either way, she's a chunker and and i can't get enough of her fat cheeks, 
big eyes, and baby breath.


The Owen Family said...

I have never seen you in a hat, you look so cute! Did you make it?
Poor baby, I hate it when they get sick, but man she is cute!

Molly Bea said...

Love the cheeks on her and love the hat on you!!!