Wednesday, June 22, 2011

grandma and grandpa

we were one lucky family to have had grandma and grandpa come visit us for 2.5 weeks.
our visits with them are slightly less adventurous since grandpa's stroke 10 months ago, but so fun nevertheless.
kavi absolutely LOVES his grandpa.

there was lots of books read by grandma,
 good food, playing, and plenty of lounging around.

grandpa was great about doing his daily walking therapy through the neighborhood. the boy always wanted to follow him. grandpa is slow, but he does WALK, which i think is a miracle. his progress has been inspiring to watch even amidst his setbacks. this man has been through so much in his hard life, and this by far is the hardest trial. recovering from his stroke is the least of his worries right now. he is suffering from severe debilitating headaches. it breaks my heart to see him suffer and the doctors can't figure them out. even though he was in pain, he loved my children while he was here and tried to soak up every second. he is an amazing grandpa and father and i'm so blessed to know him.

thanks for coming to visit us grandma and grandpa.
we love you so much.

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Amanda and Steve said...

I am excited to see them at the reunion!