Monday, June 13, 2011

coming home

i walked down the stairs of the small airplane onto santa barbara ground. it felt like home.
back to my california roots. back to highschool. back to the same small airport where my brother came home from his mission from argentina.

 i flew in on thursday for a long weekend for kelly's wedding. and long it was. it was busy and joyous and fun and beautiful and full of old friends, but also full of severe jet lag, nausea, and headaches for me.
the independence from my children and household duties wasn't  a glorified as i thought it would be.

the wedding was perfect. simply perfect. more on the spectacular day later.
after all the fun was had, i got right back on the small airplane and traveled 14 hours overnight back to georgia. this time, when i got off the plane, it WAS home.
and it wasn't the wind, or the memories, or the beautiful ocean that made it home.
it was these three little faces waiting for me.

three little faces taken care of so well by my humble & loving husband.
a father who isn't afraid to take on my motherly duties and nourish these little lives while i'm away.

thank you habibi. 

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Kelly said...

I appreciate you coming more than you will ever know! Thank you for being such a fabulous BFF! have fun camping!