Thursday, May 31, 2012

marine mud run 2012

marine mud run.
tradition from now on out.
i did it last year with some girlfriends, but this year i did it with husband.
so. much. fun.
this year, kavi did the kid run with his buddies.
the kid run is 1 mile and the adult run is 5 miles.
here are a couple before and after pictures:

i was so proud of kavi. he wasn't scared at all and totally kept up with kade, the oldest.
for days afterward, he kept asking to do it again. he had a blast!

after the kid run, we dropped nana and the kids off at home and picked up nate and chelsea.
we only got a couple pictures and none of the obstacles, but you can imagine what we went through by the looks of the after picture. i think there was 19 obstacles and a couple of them involved marines spraying you with a fire house and tons of mud.

it was so much fun with chelsea and nate. they were rockstars. we're lucky to have such good friends and healthy bodies to do fun things like this.

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The Lingo Family said...

So awesome.You go Momma! You look amazing btw...