Thursday, May 31, 2012

when momma comes to town

we were so excited when nana decided to come to visit us for the whole month of may.
i feel so fortunate to have a mom who has the time and means to come visit us for that long. (and who actually wants to:))

 nana's room all ready for her to come and stay

there was plenty of cuddling, mostly with paisley.
i think her and nana have a special bond since we lived with her when paisley was tiny.

every weekend was jam packed while she was here.
1st weekend: craft fair with jayme (total bust by the way)
2nd weekend: marine mud run (i'll post about later)
3rd weekend: paisley's birthday party
4th weekend: trip up to virginia beach (post coming)

~there was tons of rain while she was here.
~she let david and i go out on a couple dates.
~she helped me buy and plant tons of flowers for my front yard.
~david made us pancakes for dinner on mother's day 
(and also watched the kids for a whole day while we went antiquing in columbia)

~ she read tons of books with the kids and put a craft box together for them
~ more cuddling
~ paisley had her birthday 
(she's sleeping with her present from grandma and grandpa pruett)
~and kavi graduated from pre-K

 K loved his teacher, ms. lori and had such a great year. she had nothing but great things to say about my boy and i am so proud of how well he thrived during his first year of school. on to kindergarten! 

we had a really busy month of may and i can't say enough how much we loved nana being here and all she did for us. she was so helpful, fun, and just a joy to be around. not to mention how much she spoiled us! i am so lucky to have a mom like her. thanks mom for all you do for me and how much you love on my kids!


The Owen Family said...

That is so fun, a WHOLE month! Holy smokes your yard looks absolutely beautiful! Did you plant all of it?

Brittny Pruett said...

Is that porch swing shot your house? It looks great!