Monday, May 21, 2012

she turned four---pony party style

my sweet paisley noel turned 4. i can't believe it. i remember when she was born and i couldn't get enough of her. she was the most beautiful baby i had ever seen and her hair was out of control gorgeous. her birth is one of my favorite memories of my life and she continues to enamor me everyday. 

this year, i actually felt like throwing her a real party.
riding ponies it was and she had been so excited for weeks.
here are the invites we came up with:

tragically, the night before the party. i woke up at 3am with what i think was the flu. throwing up all night and morning. husband gave me a blessing and i prayed i could make it to the party. the anxiety of having someone else to run it after all my preparations was killing me!

luckily, no miraculously, i was able to pull myself together 
and i felt decent throughout the party. luckily, my mom is here to visit and she and husband helped SOOO much. thanks nana!

i made award ribbons and party hats for each of the kids:

the party was at the riding stables on base and the place was perfect! its a huge area with tons of trees, picnic tables, and a few playgrounds so the kids could play while waiting for pony rides.
all i needed was a few simple decorations:

lunch consisted of chick-fil-a nuggets, fruit, and chips.
all the kids ran around the playground, then ate, and took turns riding one of the two ponies we had.

the birthday girl

                                   lucas and kavi ::  carter baby was kind of a pill

dreamy dmitri 


brody and bridger

paisley possibly could have been more excited about the cupcakes
than anything else. she's definitely got my sweet tooth.

sweet girls: ava & ashlyn 

my beautiful 4 year old. 

i love my paisley bear so much. she is so generous and loving towards her brother and sister. this girl knows what she wants at all times. she doesn't like to get dirty and is very delicate with her toys. she's a picky eater and loves baths. she's frugal with her kisses, but generous with her cuddles. she is sensitive and sassy. and i love her so.


Molly Bea said...

Happy happy birthday sweet girl! She is ao lucky to have a momma that adores her as she does!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Paisley!!!!!!

Shay, you are an amazing mommy!!! It seems like it was a great pony birthday party!!! :) xoxo

Bekah said...

Cutest party ever Shay! Happy Birthday Paisley, please stop growing! :)

Anne said...

so adorable!!

Variable said...

So cute, i love the hats and ribbons and Paisley's braid was sooo cute! Perfect for a pony party!

Amanda and Steve said...

I love your parties!