Sunday, January 24, 2010

a friend like her

before moving to monterey, david picked out our home.
he did a great job because we moved right nextdoor to my future best friend.
although david deserves some credit, i don't think this was coincidence.
sheryl is the kind of friend everyone needs.
she's laid back
she kind
she's willing to help
she eats junk food with me
then she makes me work it off by running with me
she watches my kids
she's spiritual
but most of all she's fun.
she's is down for anything at any time:

 an impromtu jumping in the ocean fully clothed in the middle of november:

going surfing in an even colder ocean during the end of november:

to the beach again in january,
thankfully no water this time:

sheryl really is a girl's best friend
and i'm so grateful for her!


Anne said...


The Bradley's said...

Shay, I went to the Carriage Hills Ward today with my brother and sister and this family sat in front of me that I recognized and could not figure out who they were all of sacrament. Then it hit me, it's your older sister and her family! Then I enjoyed a nice memory of you and Noel! I love you girls!

Noel said...

I love Sheryl too! If I lived there, she would be my best friend too!

k. lee said...

Love this post, Shay; so glad you have buddy! Really makes a difference. Love you!