Thursday, January 21, 2010

please spread this video

my neighbors and i have had quite the ordeal with mold in our homes. to make a long story short, our management team is not taking sufficient action, so WE are taking action to protect ourselves and children. please watch this you tube video and spread it around your blog you facebook.

mold is harmful

* edit note: this video has been removed due 
to some potential legal threats


Erin Chavez said...

wow shay, i hope you guys get some help. that video almost made me cry. i hope your kiddo's feel better soon *hugs*

The Lingo Family said...

HOLY COW!!! I am not joking, I just set down the camera from taking pictures of the horrible MOLD problem in our apartment. So crazy - Our management company seems to think it is no big deal as well. I had NO idea it can cause sickness like that but my little Ella has been very sick off and on lately. I am going to research more now. THANK YOU for making this video and I will spread it around. Email me if you find anything else out about what to do. THANKS!!!

The Kodak Moments of our Life said...

Wow Shay. That is awful! I really hope this sends a message to the management group. You should try to find out who their attorney is and forward it to them.

Annette said...

Well done Shay!! - I hope that this gets resolved sooner than later. I am proud of the action that you are on!

Mamie said...

A friend is thinking about getting their house tested. How did you go about that and how much did it cost? I told her I'd ask you for some info. They have been sick ever since they moved here.