Thursday, February 17, 2011


i was cooking dinner.
the mister was cleaning the van.
i looked through the front window and saw these two.
no bra, no shoes, & in pjs, i grabbed my camera and practically let dinner burn
to capture these innocent little faces.
dirt, flowers, weeds, grass, and rocks.
that's all they needed to entertain themselves.

it pleased my heart so.
to see them dig in the earth and be creative with it.
these may be some of my favorite pictures i've ever taken:

ps. i hate those spiderman shoes of his.


The Owen Family said...

They are some darling little kids... I am glad to see Paisley is still in love with the boots!

Raven said...

Just decided to visit some of the sites of people following my astrology blog. Should have done it ages ago.

I love these!