Saturday, February 12, 2011

carter 4 months

does it get any better than this?
this post is about 8 days too late, but here is the chunker nevertheless:

carter weighs over 14 lbs 
and is in the 75% for weight, 
70th for height, and 
50th for head circum.

 she has just found her hands and can't get enough of sucking and slobbering all over them!
it's my favorite thing ever.

 carter baby has a HUGE bald spot on the back of her head.
when the boy had one, we just shaved his head.
paisley never got one bc she had so much hair,
so i don't know what to do with this girl?

she also has a small hemangioma on her back, 
but the doctor's say it's nothing to worry about yet.

4 months and thriving. that's my girl!


Annette said...

Love all the pics of this love bug...but the last one gets my vote for #1

The Lingo Family said...

She is sooooooo cute. I love her chub. love it. love it.