Saturday, February 12, 2011

ladybugs and robots

so since both the big kids are in preschool this year,
 i thought i'd pull the crafty mom card
and make their valentines with them.

unique valentines instead of toy story or princess cards
great family night spent making them as a family
the kids' being so proud of them
great blog pics (being real, here)

after all that preparation, you wake up the next morning to find that your rascal
children snuck up before you, ransacked the loot and ripped off all the robot heads and arms
and shoved them in their dirty little mouths.
all before they could take them to their classmates.



Annette said...

Way..Way Cute - you never cease to amaze me - when life gets too busy as you continue to grow your little family - kool aid play dough in the shape of a heart and recipe attached may not take so much time! and that was fun to do together!

Molly Bea said...

I am SO feeling for you right now...weird it's like ours are related :) you and annette both rock, I let my kids put the stamps on and lick the envelopes! ha ha