Thursday, May 19, 2011

paisley turns 3

she did it.
little miss p turned 3.
on her birthday, she was sick with a bad case of the throw ups,
so we celebrated a few days later.

you may remember the boys orange party back in september.
well of course little paisley wanted her own PINK party.
we kept it very casual and super cheap:

i had everything on hand except for the streamers.
 those were only $3 and i followed this tutorial.

 just a few families over to enjoy some cake with us.

for the cake, i was originally going to make this infamous rainbow cake, but i decided to change it up a bit and try different shades of pink. i think it would have turned out better if i had good quality coloring gel, but pretty nontheless. funfetti is our favorite cake mix around here. 
i enjoy it more than homemade. shhhh.

 still need to cut out baby carter's silo!

paisley got a pink and purple bike that she's been wanting for months.
it would be complete without a pink basket to carry all her goodies! among her favorite things to tote around, is her princess birthday card from nana. she even sleeps with it!

and an even better present is a visit from grandma and grandpa!

more to come on this delightful visit!


The Lingo Family said...

Looks like fun. Love the streamers. Happy Birthday to your little miss.

The Owen Family said...

SOOOOO cute, where did you get the glass domes with lids? (I cant remember what they are called)!