Sunday, September 12, 2010

an orange party

so, this was my first real birthday party i've thrown as a mother.
turned out great, but i couldn't help but be flustered the whole time.
just entertaining 10-four years olds, ya know?
the boy was in heaven. i guess that's all that matters.
here's proof it happened:

i copied the pinata from here, with some revisions of course.

the end.


Anne said... did a great job! looks like everyone was having fun.

Annette said...

too cute!

The Mathews Family said...

Whew! Orange you glad that that's over. (Oh no I DIDN'T!... *wink*!) That is THE cutest party ever and I love all of the orange food. I could look at that picture forever! And yes... the important thing is that the boy was happy... but the banner tops it off! Good job Mama!

Lei said...

So was it an "orange" party? Drew would love that. It's his favorite color! Clever idea!

Lei said...

duh, had i read the title of your post my question would have been answered! lol. i guess i just got excited to see pictures and forgot to read. :P