Monday, April 23, 2012

new york 3

on day three, anne was able to make it into the city with us. yay! the train station is about a 1/2 mile from her house, so we would walk there each morning and the train ride would be about 40 minutes right into grand central station.

then from grand central, we'd hop on a subway to our first destination of the day. the subway system really is genius, but man, some of those rides were uncomfortable. i love the variety of people to watch and to speculate where they're going or what their lives are like. but when it's super crowded, with drunk people, or loud people, and super hot, i get a little anxious.

this particular day, we did quite a lot of shopping. anne was the perfect person to share a trip to H&M and Anthropologie. after shopping, we went back down to chelsea to eat at a restaurant that kelly recommended, pastis. apparently, it's celebrity central, but when we got there, it was in between lunch and dinner, so they were only serving a couple things. because of that, we found an amazing burger place down the street and grubbed on burgers and sweet potato fries.

then we headed uptown to bryant park and grabbed some cupcakes on the way.
the cupcakes were just okay compared to our dessert at serendipity, but they def did the trick:)

bryant park was so gorgeous at night! there were quaint tables and chairs everywhere and lights floating in the trees. the landscaping was breathtaking. good conversation with these ladies was the icing on the cake of course.

me and noel on the train ride home.
noel bought me the cutest necklace for my birthday on our way to lunch. we found a gold mine of fun jewelry at this artist show in chelsea. she also bought herself the one that she's wearing.

we purposely got home pretty early that night to chat and relax on the couch, but as soon as we walked in the door, i crashed on the bed and couldn't get out. i was so exhausted!! i think i slept almost 11 hours that night. the girls kept talking out in the living room and when noel came into bed, she would not shut up and eventually was cracking me up. i can't even remember what we were giggling about, but she snapped a picture of me. that's the best. tired "drunk" giggling with your sisters in the middle of the night:)

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