Thursday, April 19, 2012

new york day 1

we arrived yesterday at our old friend from texas, anne anderson's house. she's pretty much amazing and we all three want to be her. her house is beyond gorgeous and i could write a whole blog post on just that, but i won't. we love being with her. our morning was slow; we slept in and slowly got ready while chatting with anne.

 leaving anne's house in the morning

as soon as we got to grand central station, we hit the market and bought some fresh bread and cheese.
couldn't get that down fast enough. reminded me of my trip to europe with karen, hillary, and anh, after highschool.

jen and noel navigating our way

 on our way to chinatown, we stopped at century 21 to shop a little. then to chinatown we went. 
dumplings, sesame chicken, and noodle soup. 



we got our shop on with all the cheap crap; scarves, purses, and souvenirs, but we also found the cutest man selling oragami made from grass. he was so sweet and made the most unique creations. jen of course made best friends with him, as she did everyone we met. 

 she also made besties with this statue man who scared the crap out of us when he moved as we were walking by him. then she talked sex with him. only jen...

next stop was the WTC site, 911 memorial. 
sacred place. period.

to end our first day, we stopped at serendipity for dessert.

 frozen hot chocolate and some peanut butter heavenliness!

by the end of the day, we were exhausted after 11 hours in the city. 
day one = success.

on the train back to annes'.

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