Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the end of sisters weekend

our week ended with a trip to san francisco.
we were lucky enough to meet up with an old family friend, 
matt, who is going to law school in SF.
he was so sweet to show us around entertain us (AND perry!)
coit tower,
public transportation,
clam chowder and sea lions on the wharf

we called it a night in our marine club hotel and miraculously made it through 
2 snorers whom shall remain nameless!

after dropping mom off at the airport, our last day was filled with even more shopping, a chick flick, and in and out before i dropped off the last load of family:
it was hard to see everyone go:(

overall, we had a fabulous week. we did miss annette and molly, our SIL's though!
i feel more than fortunate to have such a great momma and sisters.
i love that our conversations can range from kids, to sex, to fashion, to poop, to spiritual matters...
that's what sisters are for, right?

and sheryl too.

thanks girls, for rocking my world this week! love you


Anonymous said...

閒暇為所有財富中最美好的財富 ..................................................

Noel said...

I miss glee, naptime, food, and laughing so hard we're about to pee our pants...also miss those kids of yours! Loved our sisters week girlie.

Molly Bea said...

I'm so sad i couldn't be there, but so glad you girls had a blast...as you always do! I wouldn't have expected any less.