Saturday, May 29, 2010

flower pillow

a friend was recently in the hospital and i could think of what 
to bring her, until i saw this tutorial at not martha.
i followed the pattern roughly to make a pillow instead:

i used hot glue instead of fabric glue, then just sewed it onto a pillow cover that i made 
out of an old blue linen dress. FREE and so fun!


Jennifer said...

i would really truly hate you if you weren't my sister. the crafting talent is off the charts ridiculous. love the pillow, hate kavi's velour pants.

stephanie said...

brilliant! i love it. i think i want to make a ton of them this summer...but i won't;)

Jessica said...

super cute!

Amanda and Steve said...

What a good idea for a hospital gift. It's really cute!

Noel said...

disgusting my sister! You truly are amazing. love the pillow!!!