Tuesday, May 25, 2010

it's my birthday and i can {wear whatever tights i want to}

 i turned 25 on sunday.
i feel a lot older.
at lunch: sheryl took me out on friday

when i was younger, i had a plan about my future. 
i wasn't going to marry until the age of 24 at least.
then i would wait 2 years to have children at least.

so according to that plan, i would just have been married now, with no kids.
i laugh at the thought.
i'm 25, married, and fatly pregnant with my third baby.
i wouldn't have it any other way:)

to celebrate myself,
 i wore these tights to church:
i got some weird looks, but more compliments.

also as a gift to myself, i splurged on new bedding. my brother, mark, bought this crate and 
barrel bedding for us for our wedding 5 years ago. i actually still love it and will use 
it for a quilt backing, but i was craving some more color.

so to europe i went!
well it seems that way with what i paid for shipping from the UK!
orla kiely.
this is my favorite design of hers. classic and spunky!

i have to admit it might be a tad too bright for an adults room, but i still love it.
i don't think that i'll be able to handle it for another five years. but won't it make fabulous quilting material?

another year, another birthday...


Noel said...

LOVE the tights, love the bedding, and I love you. Happy Birthday sis! Glad it was a pleasant one!

The Kodak Moments of our Life said...

Happy Birthday Shay! I love the tights!