Friday, May 7, 2010


"yes, guam" is what her email said.
it came last week announcing that my in-laws are relocating to guam.

 david's parents. christmas 2008

they have found great construction jobs there and are getting rid of all their earthy posessions to move!
i am so excited for them for taking this amazing adventure! how fun to have no ties and be able to get up and move across the world together! of course we're going to miss them like crazy, but they are devoted grandparents, and we know we'll see them every now and then. congrats you two!


The Mathews Family said...

WHAT?????!!!!! We're down in St. George with my parents and I just told my mom and dad. I'm so happy for them but we are going to miss them so much! I say next Orrock reunion is on Guam. Beautiful beaches... wonderful Pruett's... what's not to be great about that?!

Noel said...

Congrats to the Pruett's! What a fun adventure they are going to have! I will miss them!

OliveWol8888 said...