Thursday, May 20, 2010


i get so hyped up about the gender of my babies.
i was so excited to find out the sex today, and i'm elated to know, but i've been feeling weird all
day long and couldn't quite put my finger on why...

last week. 19 weeks.

it's not that i wanted one or the other, but that i couldn't imagine either 
gender being added to our family.
now that i know, i can start mentally adding HER to our life.
it's a baby girl!

i know she will fit in perfectly.


The Kodak Moments of our Life said...

I'm so excited for you. Another girl will be so fun! You are such a cute prego girl!

Christina said...

AWW!! Congrats! It will be fun to have 2 girls in a row, think matching clothes! :) How fun!! And you look DARLING!!!

The Mathews Family said...

I'm in love with your pregnant belly!!! I would be pregnant for the rest of my life if that didn't mean raising 52 children because of it! LOL! I'm so excited for your family! Congratulations on another beautiful girl!!!

Amanda and Steve said...

Congrats on another darling girl. You look so cute! And I love the camera!

Anne said...

i am so excited for you! and totally jealous.

Kristina said...

Yay!!!! I'm so excited for you! And you always were so cute pregos. Lovin' the belly!

Noel said...

That little girl in your tummy makes you look fabulous! So excited for you, love you!

Angela said...


Tara said...

wahoo for little girls!!
ditto on all of the comments posted! you are cute and fabulous!