Friday, June 25, 2010

father's day and a tie

this is a boy and his dad.
they are spitting images of eachother.
physically and personality-wise.
 father's day 2010

they are MY boys.

i wanted to show off the boy's new tie.
i won it from my talented blogger friends giveaway and i am in love!

jessica makes these fabulous ties and you can find them in her shop.
(along with some feminine goodies)
well made and fun fabric.

thanks jessica!
i have to resist putting it on my son EVERY sunday!

i hope this handsome boy will grow up to be as great of a father as he has!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

your so sweet! thanks so much! im glad you enjoy it. he is so handsome in it.... what a cutie. walker has one just like it... and he wears it all the time! i need to make him more... why havent i done that? it seems i always skip out on making stuff for my own kiddies... im going to make him a new one for sunday :)
thanks again for spreadin the word.