Monday, June 14, 2010

around here

just a peak of what's been going on around here,
including 1,342,672 projects

while he has been doing this,
 i've been up to all this:

garden still growing; beets are my new favorite veggie

old dresser revamp that i need to blog about:

another old dresser revamp that i need to DO:

felt flower headbands made with kelly:

another yellow zig zag quilt in the works:

starting a baby boy quilt; 
so excited to find the time to assemble this one.

old armoir revamp; brave? i know.

is this pre-nesting? because i like it.

oh, and my cracked iphone took another spill in the washer yesterday!
it was in my robe pocket when paisley threw up all over me.
like any frantic, grossed out mother, i ripped all my clothes and her clothes 
off our bodies and threw them into the wash. 5 minutes later, when it dawned on me,
i didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

but my bad fortune has turned good.
i went to replace it at the apple store today and apparantly i qualify for
an upgrade to the new iphone 4!
15 days and counting...


stephanie said...

i love that you make all the things in your head actually happen. i feel like such an imposter;)
love love the headbands...and of course that yellow quilt. i may be ordering one of those cute felty hair beautifiers!

Annette said...

Beets? They look amazing as a garden trophy, but eating them...

Your furniture transformations always amaze me!

The Lingo Family said...

busy gal, how do you get it all done?!? Love the felt flower headbands!!

Super AMAZING that your cell phone tragedy turned out so well.

Oh and your beets ... I heart them.

友辰友辰 said...

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