Monday, June 21, 2010

project # 2 down- beach quilt

 remember this quilt that i started a couple months ago?

well, it's finally finished.
and it's totally ghetto!
i used all vintage sheets/pillowcases from the thrift store. loved that part. but since it was just going to be a picnic/beach blanket, i decided to try to quilt it myself. i don't know how people do this! it turned out awful, even more so than this one, that i also quilted myself.
lesson learned.
no more machine quilting for me until i get a pimp daddy machine.

i do love the backing fabric though:
ugh, i can barely look at it...all that puckering!
i'll get over it though, since it's just a play quilt for the outdoors.

i WILL get over it.

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