Sunday, June 13, 2010

so much

just to catch up on the life of my family lately 
in the form of old pictures:

noel moved to san antonio for a new job and a new apartment all for happy for her.
iowa 2004?

mark's birthday was last week. he would have been the big 30!
mark's BUDS graduation
is it bad that i think my brother is a hottie?

my dad's birthday was the next day.
i never really put together that i come from a military family.
grandpa? check.
dad? check.
brother? check.
husband? check.


 father & bride dance.
my wedding 2005.

i was once skinny and tan... sigh...
and look how happy my dad is:)

i do have so much more to catch up on.
next week: david's summer week break,
in-laws are coming to visit.
both their birthdays occur while here and father's day.
plus, i have been working on so many projects!!

will share soon...