Saturday, July 17, 2010

a day with papa

while we are in omaha, a trip to see papa was in store.
we were planning to visit the omaha zoo, but plans changed when 
we realized it was 100+ degrees outside!
so to the children's museum we went:
uncle taylor and papa were so darling with the kiddos:
i almost got emotional watching them interact.

 {look how hot my younger brother is!
he just joined the air force and i'm so proud}

i was pleasantly surprised at how fun this museum was.

afterwards, papa made us some delicious tico burgers (from costa rica) 
and showed us around his garden.

the kids loved playing with papa and taylor.
all the attention was on them and they soaked up every minute.

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Anne said...

your dad is adorable and, yeah, your brother is totally hot.