Monday, July 19, 2010

grandmas and fabrics

while in omaha, 
we visited grandma van
who just lost her husband last month after 30 some years of marriage.
we miss you grandpa van!
we took her to red lobster- a grandma tradition, 
and she gave the boy a ride on her sassy purple walker.
during lunch, i grilled her on her childhood, her life, her parents' lives, etc...
they were both immigrants from poland.
afterwards, we headed to a local quilt shop that aunt shadda recommended.
i loved looking around with my momma and grandma. they are both so creative and i hope equally enjoyed the fabric eye candy.
here's what i came home with:
(i might have splurged)

this halloween fabric was too cute to pass up.
i'm planning just a small quilt for the kids to cuddle up with.
yes, that's my belly in the shot.

some more yummy fabric for a quilt for one of my girls.
i'm having a hard time decided what colors to do for which girl,
since i don't know the personality of this next baby yet.

this flannel however, is for baby #3:
pictures don't do it justice. really.
fabulous flannel for a receiving blanket

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ShadRack said...

Shay... I love the pictures! I am returning to the cute little quilt store again today... Dog!