Thursday, July 15, 2010

fashion cravings

my mother and i packed up the kids and headed to omaha today.
it's about 4 hours from kansas city.
as i was driving, i thought about how i could spend all my imaginary money.
 these sunglasses are my mothers.
the rhinestones don't fall under my fashion cravings category.

i have a lot of imaginary money.
so much so that these two items would be petty cash:

these miz mooz flats are to die for in green right?
i need them.


do you think i could get away with using one of these fossil book bags as a new diaper bag?
i eyed them at macy's and dropped into immediate coveting status.

 what do you think?
do you like bag A or B better?


Jessica said...

bag a.
so cute!

Annette said...

love a

Jennifer said...

bag a is more your style and colors. are they expensive?

Anne said...

love the shoes...and normally i am a blues and greens kind of girl but i think i like bag b better.

Miranda-Jayne said...

Shaylynn! I just found your blog and am loving it! You have such an adoreable family and some crazy talented abilities (your quilts are AMAZING)! And...both bags are cute, but I love B.

The Bradley's said...

love A! The colors just scream Shay! I think you should absolutely make this your new diaper bag!