Tuesday, July 13, 2010

thrift store goodness

 i'm a garage sale, craig's list, thrift store lover. 
so when i score, it makes my day!
here's what i found here in lees summit, MO while visiting my momma.

this might be my favorite thrift store find EVER.
check out this vintage wallpaper....
gorgeous for a little girl's room. 
maybe backing of a bookshelf, drawer liner, or on the wall!

next is a practically brand new pair of twin sheets from the
simply shabby chic line for target.
i've wanted this bedding for years, but couldn't justify the price.
i was astounded to see it on the shelf at a thrift store!

i couldn't resist these vintage hankies.
i have quite the collection at home with no idea of what to make with them.
any ideas?
those ducks are killing me in a quirky way.

okay, i know this dress doesn't look like much, but use your imagination here.
won't it look lovely on my post-preggo fatness curves with a sassy belt and some 
unique feminine shoes?
imagine a belt along these lines:
both from modcloth


it doesn't get better than that people!


Amanda and Steve said...

I love to read about other people's steals! I saw throw pillows in Martha Stewart magazine that were made of vintage hankies. Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

來幫忙拼人氣~Go Go Go..................................................................

Angela said...

You'll have to shoot a pic of the dress when you finally get to wear it! Your so unique I love it!

Angela said...

OH, I just read Amanda's post. I made those throw pillows! That is a GREAT idea to do with those hankies you got.