Friday, July 30, 2010

home sweet home

things are    s l o w l y    getting back to normal. 

cleaning house
entertaining children
making meals
dump off trips to thrift store
church callings
re-connecting with my mister
swimming lessons for the boy
attending my garden

our "normal" also includes my children making HUGE messes while i sleep in.
they've been waking up at the crack of dawn lately, so like a good mother, i give them dry cereal and goldfishes while they watch morning cartoons. 
needless to say, i have to vacuum every morning after i wake up.

also, the boys' new favorite game on my phone is a PBS app.
he takes pictures of random things (my fabric in this case) and decorates
them with pbs characters.
how darling is this?

despite the messes and early morning wake up calls, life is good. 
i like normal every once in a while:)


mamãe said...

When Joss was first born, my cousin told me that I was going to have to find my "new normal."

Good luck! your kids are adorable, and I have given my kids dry cereal and goldfish and cartoons for breakfast, too (especially when I was huge and preggo and wanting to sleep aaaalll theee tiiiimmee.

文旺江汝 said...