Thursday, September 9, 2010

baby boy quilt- post edit

if only i was having a baby boy...
i would totally keep this quilt; but it is going to a great home.
i enjoyed mixing these blues and greens into yet another zig zag quilt.
can you tell i love that chevron pattern?

sorry about the creases in the quilt, i had just unfolded it, and apparantly i'm not 
getting any better at my photography skills.

ahhhh, feels so good to complete something that takes a lot of work, and a lot of love. 
i'm addicted to quilting for life.

if you're one of those women who think you can't do it, think again and get started!
it's easier than you think.
i promise.

****post edit:
baby colin was born to my best friend/ monterey neighbor, sheryl on dec 18, 2009.
this quilt went to him.


Noel said...

this is one of my favorites! The colors and patterns fit so well together. Who is this one for?

Jessica said...

i LOVE this! so so much! i wish it was going to my home! :) great job! seriously, i need to put quilting higher on my to do list:) thanks for inspiring me.
ps... if you want/need any fun vintage girly fabric, i have TONS of cut up fabulous linens... let me know! :)

Anne said...

it's amazing! you are awesome.

Jennifer said...

disgusting as usual. is this for cheryl?

Lei said...

Gorgeous. so it's really easier than it looks? sigh. do i really have the time for such time consuming things? that's the real question.