Friday, September 3, 2010

my 360 view

after dropping the boy off at preschool, i brought my girl home and we sewed.
with counting crows on pandora and a bottle of water, i got to work.
half way through, i looked over at her and about died of pure joy---
she was eating goldfishes, and swaying in her rocking chair to the music and hum of my sewing machine. she was completely content by my side as i worked.
at one point she even walked up to me, tapped my leg, looked into my eyes, and said 
"happy, mommy."

this girl time was priceless and made me "happy" as well.

here's my 360 view of the scene:
pandora and water

fabric strip being pieced together

a sassy look for the camera; she warms up later:)

yes, that's my bra on the bed. 
who sews with the confinement of a bra?

the bassinet ready to go for baby #3

back to the computer. 
(i keep a trash bag to my left when i sew, to throw cut off threads as i go.)

can you tell i'm 9 months pregnant? holy fatness!

here's her swaying...

and dancing...

and clapping...

goldfishy smile

the end.


Anne said...

love the 360. i think the girl is channeling suri cruise a bit.

Kelly said...

Is she wearing Miss Klara's shirt from Sweden?? Adorable.

The Lingo Family said...

Oh she is so stinking cute! I want to kiss her cheeks.