Thursday, September 23, 2010

thrift store goodness

since my momma has been in town and 
we are waiting for a baby to birth out of my body, 
we have been doing tons of thrifting.
my mom is the queen of thrifting and has passed down into my blood.
here are my most recent scores:
(all paid for by her :) yesssss)

vintage cookie tin---$2.00

sweet canvas painting that slightly reminds me of anne anderson---$5.00

crocheted blanket in disgusting, but yummy fall/70's colors---$3.00
paper mache halloween owl---$10.00 (marshall's, not thrift)

hand-stitched blessing dress for baby #3---$7.50!!! STEAL!

another blessing dress for baby #3---$3.00!!! ANOTHER STEAL!
now which one do i choose? i had to buy both at those prices.
please give me your opinion dear readers, i cannot decide for my life!

 vintage newborn cardigan with bunny---$2.25
so soft too!

hand-knitted white hoodie---$5.00
probably 6-9 months size

milk-glass pot/vase---$3.00

brand new pillow sham---$2.00
{ i didn't know that it was Pottery Barn until i got home and saw the tag.
so i had to look it up online...retails for about $25!}

holy cow, did i score or what?
i can't believe i made it home with some of these things.
must be the overdue pregnancy gods feeling sorry for me or something...


Kelly said...

I am loving the second blessing dress with the little dots. I also want that AMAZING milk glass pot! Perfection! Miss you lady! xo

Adam & Ashley said...

I vote the second dress!

The Lingo Family said...

Both dresses are adorable and cute. I am a bigger fan of the first one because I love old fashioned vintage looking anything and that one just looks more antique to me.