Saturday, September 11, 2010

the next generation

when the boy went to get dressed this morning, 
he coincidently picked out his "american flag" shirt.
this prompted a family discussion about September 11, 2001.
so after the girl and the mister got dressed in their matching flag shirts,
david sat the children down and explained the whole thing.
luckily, we have an amazing book about this historic, tragic event.
the pictures really helped the boy understand what happened.

he asked so many questions and was really interested.
i love these opportunites to teach my children.
whether it's about manners, spiritual truths, life, or our nation.
i feel so honored to be responsible for raising these souls and teaching them about life.
and it's because of our freedom that i can do this.
freedom that comes from our fighting military.

i'm so grateful.
to them and all who sacrifice.
the families affected by 9/11 are no exception.

my view.
my belly in the way of taking this photo.

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Anne said...

what a nice opportunity for your little family...and i love the belly in the way.