Monday, July 18, 2011

baby rhye's quilt

how sweet is this baby face?
this is my new niece, rhye.
isn't she such a precious angel of love?

i'm a little late on her quilt, considering she more than 3 months old now, but here it is nevertheless:
the pattern is a disappearing nine patch and can be found here.
it came together pretty easily and i so enjoyed making it.

leftover fabric makes up the backing:

 and i chose a buttery yellow thread for the quilting.

it was bound in a solid soft pink cotton that i had lying around.
i think these colors are perfect for my sister-in-law, molly.
not obnoxiously girly, but still feminine.
i hope baby rhye and molly enjoy snuggling up in it for many years to come!

*side story. i had this quilt wrapped and ready to go before i left for california last month, but didn't have time to mail it out before hopping on the plane. so i gave my husband instructions to mail it at the post office and told him to choose the "cheapest option." bad move.  he literally shipped it to hawaii  the very cheapest and SL o w e st route. it still hasn't arrived and it i mailed it june 9th. i'm a little worried. please tell me it's not lost, but it's just the fact that it's going to hawaii?!


The Lingo Family said...

lovely. just lovely. sure hope it is no lost. :/

Molly Bea said...

I.can.not.wait!!!!!!!! I am so lucky! I just might have a few more kids;) ;)