Monday, July 25, 2011


i remember one of my childhood christmas' very well. it was the year i got a dollhouse. my dad made it for me and my sister. it was beautiful. the lines were very simple, but he added so much detail to the floors, the walls, etc.. i remember he made flower baskets for the windowsills out of small dried flowers. we had tiny dishes and books and it made me oh so happy. i don't know why we ever got rid of it. i'm sure noel and i grew out of it, but i really wish i still had it to pass down to my daughters. i've been thinking for about a year now how to recreate this nostalgia for my girls and then one day, it just appeared near a trash can. FREE! this humble dollhouse that looks so similar to mine. it has a lot of work to be done, but man, do i have a vision!

that was about a month ago. fast forward to the other day while my mom and i were out thrifting. i couldn't believe my luck when i stumbled upon this box of dollhouse furniture. it was sitting next to some cheapo dollhouse and they were marked together for $50. i begged the manager to let me just buy the box of furniture, and after a while, she gave it to me for $20!!!! people, this is a miracle! dollhouse furniture is so expensive. after i did my research, i realized that all this is priced well over $200! and it's all in fabulous condition.

 the office

 the kitchen


 the nursery

 living room


my childhood came back to be in the form of these lucky finds. i think back of my dollhouse days playing with my sister, then i think of the little girls that once owned these items, and i come full circle to anticipating paisley and carter playing together. besides the amazing price, i'm so glad i found these items used, because they mean that much more to me.

can't wait to get started remodeling!


The Owen Family said...

Oh my, I am so excited for you....I have been wanting to get for Aizlyn but the cost was a killer! I guess I better start thrifting. I actually went to Salvation Army and Goodwill this weekend and not a thing, however the ones in Seaside are horrible...any suggestions? I love your new stuff it's amazing!

dianamcnease said...

Wow, everything is in perfect condition! What an amazing find - the girls are going to have so much fun playing with their doll house! Can't wait to see your vision - you're so creative Shalynn!