Tuesday, July 12, 2011

happy sunday with a picture collage

so apparently my husband can't center a picture for the life of him, but that's okay:)
this is one of my all time favorite dresses that i've owned and it was from target a couple years ago.
i paired it with a full black slip so the lace would show at the bottom and some leopard pumps.
so comfortable in this outfit. behind me there is my new photo collage wall.

i had all the frames and instead of fretting how to arrange them, i just threw them up there randomly and called it good. sometimes, the less i think about things, the better they turn out.
the frames hold a mixture of old and new photos and the shadow box at the tope holds a folded american flag that was flown over iraq in honor of my brother.

 i love that each time i walk up these stairs i am reminded of family. my small family and our families of origin. my mother's senior picture, a young picture of my cowboy grandpa, etc... makes me happy and my home feel warm.


Mme. Kara said...

Love, Shay-babe! Those frames look deliberate and artsy on the wall!

Annette said...

terribly fabulous!

Lei said...

ok so this post is really old so who knows if you get my comment? but i love this display!!! and the closer i looked, i realized some of my photos are up there! woot! so glad you still like them, even though i have eons more photography experience now. ;)