Monday, July 25, 2011

china cabinet

back in february, i purchased this china cabinet and matching four chairs off craigslist.
it ended up being a pain in the butt, bc the people lived far away and were pretty ghetto, but it worked out in the end. i gave all pieces a good sanding since they smelled like smoke (yuck!)

here's how they came out:

i changed things up a bit for this project and used only spray paint. 

less messy

more expensive
can get streaks where you spray 

i sprayed on a primer first since i stripped the wood so well while sanding. i thought about glazing the china cabinet, but decided against it since my kitchen cupboards are stark white as well. it took everything i have in me not to paint the cabinet some crazy color, but i can only have so much colorful furniture in my house ya know? i recovered the chairs in a heather bailey print and also stapled on some clear vinyl just to protect them from my kids. that can easily be taken off later if i choose. 
i just loved the lines of these chairs and green was the perfect color for them i think.

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