Friday, July 29, 2011

a pillow and succlulents

my momma brought me this beautiful vintage doily when she came to visit and it was her idea to use it on a pillow. i made the pillow with some red fringe balls (hehe), stuffed it, sewed it shut, then sprayed the back of the doily with elmers spray glue. after i attached it to the front of the pillow, i hand sewed down the edges and a few points throughout just to make sure it was good and sturdy. i love how the hand crocheted doily is two toned.

my momma also so lovingly funded the start of my first succulent garden. i've been dying for some succulents on my porch since we moved in! i love these plants. they are just so luscious and each plant is so unique!

this venus fly trap looking one might be my favorite:

i was so very lucky to have been spoiled by my momma! she flew back to today after 2 weeks here and we are so sad to see our nana leave. thanks nana for making the long trip out here to love on us!

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