Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the boy turns 5

here's the birthday boy and a couple of his favorite friends.

 we took things very simple this year and just had a BBQ with good friends in our backyard.
 nothing fancy. the boy played and played as all the kids ran around the backyard, 
jumped on the tramp and just had fun. then we did cupcakes:

sang happy birthday:

no birthday BBQ would be complete without a pinata. i missed pictures of that, but got a great one of adam putting it on his head and jessica getting all up on that! love those neighbors of ours:)

and of course presents from all his friends:

it was a great way to celebrate and very low key. 
kavi also got some great cards and gifts from his grandparents and lots of calls from
 his cousins. the boy felt loved for sure.

and oh man, do i love this boy. his creativeness and imagination continues to crack me up. and his sweetness is just so tender. he tells me he loves multiple times a day and is always willing to cuddle me and give me kisses. he recently started pre-K and just soaks up everything. he LOVES to learn and interact with other people. and i love to see him just grow and learn. he's my favorite boy:)

happy birthday bud!

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Jessica said...

Thank you for immortalizing Penny's Mexican disaster of an outfit.

Also, that monster is hot!