Thursday, September 1, 2011

home tour: master suite

so jennifer has made multiple comments to me about how i have no pictures of our new home on my blog. i feel like no room in this house is even close to finished, but i've decided to post pictures anyway. maybe they'll be nice to look back on when my house is done someday. is a house ever really done?
here's our master bedroom.

from the door looking in

this window faces our backyard and we're upstairs

on david's side of the bed looking at the door to the hall and the bathroom/closet
that's our only dresser. we need another one badly!

looking into the bathroom/closet

bathroom sinks

tub/shower. the toilet is behind the door to the left

going into the closet. yes, that's a window.
it faces the front of the house and i love it.

david's side

my side

and the details:

remember how i switched our bedding? here
although i love the fabric, i decided i wasn't feeling it for out bed, so i used it here.
now i don't know what i want. plus, my brother gave us that bedding for our wedding, so i'm having a hard time letting it go.

other notes:
is your closet as crazy as mine?
i've always wanted a minimalistic bedroom, but i kinda feel like it's just plain boring.
that's it!


The Lingo Family said...

LOVE the wall color in your room. The window in your closet, are you kidding me?!?!? I am speechless over that one. I mean who would not LOVE that??? Natural light to put together all your fun outfits. I am in l.o.v.e.

Lisa said...

You can come decorate our house anytime you want!
I love the coloring in your room!!
And I LOVE the window in your closet! I think that's a great idea.
(basically agree with everything the Lingo Family said).
I like all the mirrors too in your bedroom. Cute!

jamie said...

LOVE IT.....what about the rest of the house?