Tuesday, September 13, 2011

cleaning my plate

i shut off the lamp on my nightstand and rolled over to david in bed. he was probably half way asleep already, but i was going crazy. it was sunday my mind wouldn't shut off. i couldn't stop thinking about my to-do list for the week. it was out of control. i kept trying to separate what was mandatory and what was fluff.

clean 3 bathrooms
fold 8 piles of laundry
wash 4 loads of laundry
clean kitchen
edit pictures
mow lawn
weed lawn
start amanda's quilt
finish halloween quilt
make 3 meals a day for 5 people
dress 4 people each morning
plan kavi's birthday
donate plasma
work out 3 times this week
read my scriptures each day
still have enough energy at end of the day to spend quality time with david
make doctors appointments
sign up for dental plan
pay bills
take paisley to speech
find quiet time for myself so i don't lose it

it was too much for me to handle and i felt like i was going to break. i finally drifted off to sleep only to wake up at 3 am with a bad case of the throw-ups. i mean BAD throw-ups. i slept on and off between throwing up from 3 am to 1 pm the next day. that was followed by the world's worst headache and major body aches and shivers. luckily david was able to take monday off work and take the boy to pre-k and watch the girls. he catered to my every need, which mostly entailed a run to the store for saltines and ginger ale, and just keeping the girls away from me.

i'm taking it as a sign. a sign that i need to slow down, cut out some fluff in my life and simplify. today, my only goal is laundry and toilets. i'm going to take it slow and watch some junk tv while doing it.

we woman do too much. really, we have way too much on our plates.
does anyone else have this problem? how do you balance it all?


The Lingo Family said...

Amen sister!!! I need to cut out some fluff to. I feel so overwhelmed all the time and I always feel like I never get enough done. All of my errand running has to be done when hubby gets home from work so I can have the car. It gets so tiring and I feel like I never see my hubby much. Yesterday I hurt my foot running really bad. Last night and today I have been stuck in bed with ice and elevation. So LAME!!!! I have piles of stuff to do around me and I just cannot do it. So frustrating...

Christina said...

Exactly what you said. You have to cut the fluff and decide what is really important at the end of the day. Time goes by way too fast. Just a step at a time, and make sure that taking care of YOU is on that list! :)

jamie said...

I hear you honey.....I would make a HUGE list like yours and slowly mark it off during the week(or not at all since it felt impossible to finish), however that felt totally overwhelming so instead I started writing down a FEW things daily and just focused on accomplishing those. Then I usually had a few extra minutes to just chill! hahaha easier said then done though, right?