Sunday, September 18, 2011

wedding events

i just realized that i started to write this post way back in june, but never published it.
silly me, because this was the event of my year.
kelly's wedding was june 11 and flying to california was so much fun. 
did i mention that i was childless?

rehearsal dinner

the beautiful bride getting ready

4 of the 6 bridesmaids

moments before the ceremony
she was seriously glowing!

her dad walked out just before he walked her down the aisle and i about lost it. he was blown away by her beauty and got so teary eyed. it was one of my favorite moment's of the whole trip.

she was so stunning! i feel so lucky to have been one of her bridesmaids.

high school friends

yeah, i pretty much ruled that dance floor. it was so much fun to let loose and dance like crazy.
 i don't think i've done that since high school and it was a blast.

overall, the weekend was amazing. ceremony, beautiful. 
reception, gorgeous and fun. catching up with old friends, fantastic. 
being with kelly the whole weekend, priceless.
 i'm so incredibly happy for her and buddy.
thanks for letting me be apart of your beautiful day!

to see her fabulous  wedding photos, look here.

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