Friday, September 16, 2011


david's sister had her 6th baby last month. 6th!!!! she's pretty amazing when it comes to pushing out those babies. i was privileged to watch her last birth and it was so beautiful. she likes to go au-natural with no epidural and her strength was awe-inspiring.  
so this quilt is for newborn TITUS. it's so similar to this one, but i just couldn't help but replicate it.
it's so precious to me.

quilting with my machine hasn't worked so well in the past, but the 3rd time is a charm, right? i quilted straight lines using this method and pretty much loved it. i still like a more meandering quilted look, but straight lines have their place too. plus, it saved me like 50 bucks. 

some of the fabrics:


Amanda and Steve said...

Yay for Sheila! I was thinking about her and that her baby must be here by now!

Molly Bea said...

Once again...You're amazing....ALMOST tempts me to have six kids ;)

Sarah said...

Beautiful quilt. I really love it. And yay for your SIL!