Saturday, April 21, 2012

new york day 2

the saw violinist in the subway

times square

ray's pizza

 bubble tea

 Rockefeller center

cart side gyros.
SOOOOO yummy.

godspell in broadway. 
there were definitely weird parts in this show, but overall, the message was so upbeat, positive, and spiritual. the energy was off the charts. we got cheaper lottery tickets and had to sit on cushion seats on the front floor.

we got done with the show around 11pm and then headed to chelsea for a late dinner. 
spice market.
foodgasim x 1000!!! not to mention the atmosphere and people. the nightlife on a friday night in that part of the city was so fun to observe. while i was inside the restaurant reserving our seats, noel and jen were outside and saw kourtney kardashians boyfriend walking down the street with his posse. there were like 10 people surrounded him filming the show. i was bummed i missed it.

after spice market, we fell into a food coma on the train ride home. 
didn't get back to anne's until 3am. needless to say, we were exhausted.


Jessica said...

I wish you brought me with you. Besides all the nasty food, everything looks sooooo fun!!!!! Keep on, girl!

Kelly said...

Ray's AND Spice Market in one post?! So yummy! Looks like you girls had a blast! So happy for you!