Wednesday, November 25, 2009


i found this ga-hetto headboard on craigslist for 10 bones!
it was probably handmade, but it's very sturdy and the ugly furry fabric made nice padding for what i was planning:

i recovered it with an adorable michael miller dot.
it only took like twenty minutes.

the boy watched me and asked about 324,984,750 questions as i stapled.
he's excited for a revamped bed!

i'll post more pictures when i get all his bedding together.


The Lingo Family said...

Super cute! Crafty and Economical, you are quite the domestic diva.

Jessica said...

super awesome! ive always wanted to reapolster(sp) furniture, but o so afraid. just need to bite the bullet! awesome job, i love the fabric choice, so perfect for a little boys room.
ps.. i found the headbands at hobby lobby, dont know if you have one around where you live? it just recently came to az. they were $3.00 for a pack of 3, not too shabby, and you can usually get them for 50% off. if you dont have a hobby lobby and want to arrange something, i may be able to send you some. :) have a very happy thanksgiving!