Wednesday, November 11, 2009

veterans day

look what
my eldest brother
brandon found 
on the internet:

this is our president 
walking among grave sites at arlington today
do you see my brother?
Mark T Carter
bottom left

crazy right?
do you know how big arlington is?
my grandpa is also buried in section 60.

my love to all the veterans and current service members of this wonderful country we live in.
i am so proud.


The Mathews Family said...

Oh wow! How neat is that?! Let me send my thank you to you, your husband, your brother, and your whole entire family. Love you!

Monson Family said...

SO COOL!!!!!!! I love it!!

k. lee said...

I just showed my family. That's really cool, Shay. Love you!

deeder6 said...

That's amazing! My dad is a veteran. It's nice that there's a day when they are honored!

Lei said...

I thought of your family on Wed. That is a great picture. (((hugs)))